Pre-packaged libraries

A lot of pre-packaged CSS and Javascript libraries are available on the PyPI and are maintained by the Fanstatic community. These can be installed into your project right away using easy_install, pip, buildout or by specifying them in setup_requires in within your setuptools-compatible project. No more complicated installation instructions, just reuse a CSS or Javascript library like you reuse Python libraries.

Here’s a list of currently available libraries:

package library source
css.css3githubbuttons CSS3 GitHub Buttons GitHub
js.ace Cloud9 Editor GitHub
js.amcharts amCharts GitHub
js.backbone Backbone GitHub
js.bootstrap Bootstrap, from Twitter GitHub
js.chosen Chosen ?
js.ckeditor CKEditor ?
js.classy Classy - Classes for JavaScript GitHub
js.d3 D3.js (Data Driven Documents) GitHub
js.d3_cloud D3-Cloud (Wordle-style layout for D3) GitHub
js.extjs ExtJS: GitHub
js.galleriffic Galleriffic GitHub
js.leaflet Leaflet GitHub
js.jquery_datalink the jQuery plugin Datalink GitHub
js.jquery_datatables the jQuery plugin DataTable GitHub
js.jquery_expandbox jquery.expandBox GitHub
js.jquery_form the jQuery plugin Form GitHub
js.jquery_jcrop JCrop - Image Cropping Plugin for JQuery GitHub
js.jquery_jgrowl jGrowl GitHub
js.jquery_jqote2 jquery.jqote2 GitHub
js.jquery_json the jQuery plugin jquery-json GitHub
js.jquery_jstree the jQuery plugin JsTree GitHub
js.jquery_metadata jQuery Metadata GitHub
js.jquery_qtip jquery.qTip GitHub
js.jquery_qunit the jQuery plugin QUnit GitHub
js.jquery_slimbox the jQuery plugin Slimbox GitHub
js.jquery_tablesorter the jQuery plugin tablesorter GitHub
js.jquery_textchildren the jQuery plugin Text Children GitHub
js.jquery_tinyscrollbar the jQuery plugin Tiny Scrollbar Currently no repository
js.jquery_tools jQuery tools GitHub
js.jquery_tooltip the jQuery plugin Tooltip GitHub
js.jquery_utils jQuery Utils GitHub
js.jquery jQuery GitHub
js.jqueryui jQuery UI GitHub
js.knockback Knockback.js GitHub
js.knockout Knockout GitHub
js.lesscss less.js GitHub
js.lightbox jquery lightbox GitHub
js.mochikit Mochikit GitHub
js.modernizr Modernizr ?
js.raphael Raphael ?
js.spin spin.js ?
js.sugar Sugar GitHub
js.tinymce TinyMCE GitHub
js.underscore underscore.js ?
js.yui the YUI Library GitHub

Follow the instructions in the development section to learn how to package your own library.