Injector plugins

Fanstatic allows you to write your own injector plugins. Injector plugins take care of injecting the needed resources into the HTML of the response.

The default injector plugin is the “TopBottomInjector”, which injects resources into the top (the head section) and bottom (before the closing body tag) of the page.

To write your own injector plugin, you need to do the following:

from fanstatic.injector import InjectorPlugin

class MyInjector(InjectorPlugin):

    name = 'mine'

    def __init__(self, options):
        """Optionally, you can control the configuration of the injector
        plugin here. The options are taken from the local_conf of the paste
        deploy configuration. Don't forget to super()."""

    def __call__(self, html, needed, request=None, response=None):
        """Render the needed resources into the html.
           The request and response arguments are
           webob Request and Response objects that may be relevant for how
           you want to inject the resources.

           You may want to group the resources in the needed resources.
           For every group call self.make_inclusion(), which will return an
           Inclusion object. Calling render() on an Inclusion object,
           will return an html snippet, which you can then include in the
        needed_html = self.make_inclusion(needed).render()
        return html.replace('<head>', '<head>%s' % needed_html, 1)

After writing the plugin code, register the plugin through the “fanstatic.injectors” entry point.

An example of an injector plugin with configuration taken from paste deploy can be found in the sylva.fanstatic package.